Black and White Desert Egypt The White desert is one of the few places in Egypt where you can go for days at a time without seeing a soul. At night, primarily under a full moon, it gets a character reminding of an Arctic landscape. Image credit: Dietmar Temps Pin It

Black and White Desert Egypt

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White desert in Egypt (Sahara el Beyda)

The famous and dramatic gleaming chalk landscape of the Farafra Depression is one of the most astounding natural wonders of Egypt. Travellers call the Black and White Desert Egypt for “The most spectacular part of Egypt”.

The word sahara means desert in Arabic so when you hear the name Sahara el Beyda you could be forgiven that it means one thing – sand, sand and more sand.

Covering more than 2.8 million square kilometers, this desert starts at the western banks of the Nile and continues into Libya and contains five isolated, but thriving, oases: Kharga, Dakhla, Farafra, Bahariyya and Siwa. There are magnificent rock formations that form from wind erosion. The colors change at times from the sun, a beautiful sight to see.

Sahara White Desert Farafra Egypt

The White Desert of Farafra, Egypt

Farafra White Desert

A main geographic attraction of Farafra is its White Desert.

Sunset Egypt White Desert

Sunset at White Desert. Wind-eroded limestone formations near Farafra, Egypt.

Rocks Desert Egypt

The White Desert of Farafra, Egypt

Desert Farafra Sunrise Egypt

Sunrise at the White Desert of Farafra, Egypt.

White Desert Egypt Map

Where is the white desert in egypt located.

Black Desert Egypt

A little to the North of the White Desert, the Black Desert is closer to Bahariya than Farafra; approximately 50 km to the South of Bawiti. The mountains have eroded to coat the desert with a layer of black powder and rocks giving it its name. Towards the end of the Black Desert are black volcanic hills that ages ago erupted a dark volcanic material called dolerite, which is what the black rocks are made of. Climb up the English Mountain which is the highest point in the Black Desert and you will be awarded with an amazing view of the strange landscape.

Desert Mountains Egypt

Black Desert Mountains in Egypt.

Black Desert Egypt

The Black Desert in Egypt

Egypt Black Desert Safari

Egypt Black Desert Safari.

Sunset Sahara Black Desert Egypt

Sunset in the Black Desert, Egypt.


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