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How to avoid ATM fees in South East Asia

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When you travel around in South East Asia in countries Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, you can end up using alot of your money on ATM fees. It can cost you over 5 dollars per transaction (besides the amount your own local bank takes per transaction), but it is possible to reduce or even avoid the cost on your next trip to South East Asia, here is how to do it!.

The research is based on data collected in Mid 2015 and I used a Danish visa credit card :

ATM fee in Vietnam:

HSBC: Max withdrawal limit 5.6 mill. Fee 110.000 VND.
Sacombank: Max withdrawal limit 2 mill. Fee 40.000 VND.
VietnamBank: Low withdrawal limit. Didn’t work with my credit card.
SeABank: ATM was not in English. Didn’t work with my credit card.
Techcombank 2 mill. withdrawal limit (others reports of no fee) I can’t confirm it, I didn’t use the machine  because of the low limit.
VietCapital Bank: Max withdrawal limit 5 mill. VND, didn’t work with my credit card, I didn’t used it.
Citibank With max withdrawal limit of 8 mill. VND and no fee it’s the winner!.

1 mill. VND = 45 dollars

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ATM fee in Cambodia:

ATM machines abound, although most charge a hefty $4 or $5 fee for international cards like Visa and Mastercard. The exception I found was Canadia Bank, which charges no fee on ATM transactions for European bank accounts (forums Online reports that they are no longer free for Americans, unfortunately, I cannot confirm that). You can find Canadia ATMs at the airports or ‘Google it’ where to find them.

ATM fee in Thailand:

Most ATM machines around take a fee of 180 bath (around 5 dollars per transactions) for international cards. The exception I found was Citibank. ATM operated by Citibank can only be found in Bangkok so make sure you use it the last day before moving north or south in Thailand.

General Tips:

– Always take out as much money you can per transaction so you reduce the number of times you need to pay the fee. Remember it can cost you up to 10 dollars per transactions (usually your own banks take 5 dollars as well)

– Citibank has no fee in all countries where they operated. I used Citibank as often I could. Use their own service called “Find My Citi” to find the nearest ATM.

– Beware that your bank often take a higher fee on your Mastercard then your Visa per transactions. My bank takes 8 dollars instead of 5 dollars on my Mastercard

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