The Last Mammoth: Wrangel Island Russia Musk Oxen on Wrangel Island. Pin It

The Last Mammoth: Wrangel Island Russia

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The Wrangel Island Russia is an Arctic Ocean island situated just north off the northeast coast of Siberia. The island is 7,608 square meters and is 125 km wide at its maximum. The arctic island is widely characterized by permafrost and has a severe polar climate. Furthermore, the island has two inuit settlements and is thus one of the most northerly town in the world. The highest peak on Wrangel Russia is 1,096 meters above sea level and is called Mount Sovjetskaja.

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Wildlife in Wrangel Island Russia

Due to the rich biodiversity the island is placed on the World Heritage UNESCO list. The fauna includes ice bears, musk oxen, caribou, walruses, seals and lemmings. During summer Wrangel Island is an important breeding area for many bird species.

The Last Mammoth Population

During the last ice age the island had a mammoth population which was much smaller in size relatively to the original species. It is documented that this specific mammoth population survived up til 1,700 BC which is about 6,000 years later than any other mammoth population. Scientists agrees on the fact that Wrangel Island Russia may have been the last place on earth where mammoths survived. Thus, Wrangel Russia was home for the last mammoth population. The island is indeed a incredible place for palaeontologists and other people who are interested in the last ice age. If you are lucky you can find bones and skeletal parts from these last standing ice age giants.

Ice bears Wrangel Island

Ice bears on Wrangel Island.

Wrangel Island Russia

Rocky shore on Wrangel Island Russia.

Walrus Wrangel Island

Walrus at the coast of Wrangel Island Russia.

Russia Wrangel Island

Beautiful ice formations offshore Wrangel Island Russia.

Wrangel Island map

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  1. Mark Seidenberg

    I noted the photo entitled “Rocky Shore on Wrangel Island Russia”.  I visit the same place in 
    1995.  Mr. Charles Cliff named that rock “Shamrock” after his dog.  Did you pick another name
    for that geological formation?  If so what did you call it. When were you there? Do you have
    any other view of that rock in your photo archives? The photo reminds me of “Rockall” in
    the Atlantic Ocean.

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