The Cliffs of Moen – A Danish nature reserve The cliffs of Mon is beautiful all year around. Image credit: Fc Nikon Pin It

The Cliffs of Moen – A Danish nature reserve

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The cliffs of Moen (in Danish Møn) is a popular tourist destination and is located at the shoreline of the Baltic Sea in eastern Denmark. The area is a nature reserve consisting of a steep woodland with up to 120 meter tall limestone cliffs. The area is ideal for activities like hiking, biking, horse rides, camping and kayaking. The cliffs of Mon is definitely some of the best of Danish nature. The highest point near Mons Klint is 143 meter above sea level, called Aborrebjerg from where you have an amazing view over the entire nature reserve of Moen.

When you are visiting the cliffs of Moen I will recommend visiting the old town of Stege, which is the biggest town on the island. It is a cosy old charming town with old houses and an impressive fortification. Stege offers shopping, restaurants and cafes and is thereby popular for locals and tourists. Visit all small antique shops with local art or the local brewery – the beers taste really good.

I can also recommend Nyord, which is a very small island north of Moen with a amazing bird life. You can drive to Nyord from Moen. The village on Nyord is like one big open museum. All the old houses, the harbor and the beautiful small gardens with fruit trees are a real danish fairy tale. Visit one of the yards shops or the bed and breakfast – which is a lovely experience. The village is also known for its church which is very idyllic and has a very unique shape. Many couples from far away wants to be married here. Due to the narrow streets it is not allowed to drive in the village. Thats by the atmosphere is very special. Free parking with picnic area is found just outside the v

From Moen you can reach Copenhagen in just over an hour. The ferries to Germany in Gedser or Rødby is also reachable in about one hour.

Pictures of Møns Klint

moens klint

Moens klint in Denmark is part of a nature reserve.

mon denmark

The cliffs of Moen consist of chalk and is over 6 km in length.

møn danmark

Regularly landslides happends along the cliffs of Mon.

mon nature

The area around Mons Klint consists of woodlands, pastures, ponds and steep hills.

Where is Mon

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