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Kullaberg Peninsula: The most visited nature reserve in Sweden

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Kullaberg Peninsula is one of the most beautiful locations of Southern Sweden. It is located just north off Helsingborg facing the coast of Kattegat. It is also called “The Riveria of Sweden” and due to it’s beauty it is a very popular holiday destination. Kullen is part of a larger nature reserve. Kullaberg is Sweden’s most visited nature reserve.

<h3>Where to go in Sweden</h3>

Several times I have been visiting Kullen in Sweden. As a geologist and nature lover I can highly recommend visiting this place. This destination has so much culture and nature to offer. So, of you are planning a trip to Sweden, I will suggest visiting Kullaberg when you explore Sweden.

If you are visiting the cities of Malmö or Copenhagen, I can really recommend a day trip to Kullen. Be aware that the fee for the bridge crossing the Strait between Denmark and Sweden is very expensive. It is also good for a weekend stay. There is a parking area at the end of the penisula with parking fee.

Kullaberg offers very good hiking facilities both for beginners and more experienced. In the nature reserve it is possible to go on cave safari and whale safari. Kullen is also a very popular spot for birdwatchers.

Additionally, I can recommend visiting the nearby villages. These villages are very cosy and are full of life during summer. In general, these villages are well-known for gastronomic performance. One of these villages is Mölle, which is shown on the pictures below. It is really worth a visit. You can read more about Mölle here.

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Kullaberg Lighthouse

The Kullen Lighthouse (in Swedish: Kullens fyr) is an operational lighthouse and is located by the mouth of Öresund at the point of Kullaberg peninsula in Höganäs on the south-west coast of Sweden. Kullen is one of the most prominent landmarks along the Swedish coastline. It has a 1000 Watt electric bulb in a huge lens house. Thereby, it is also the most powerful lighthouse in Scandinavia. The lighthouse overlooks one of the world’s most heavily traveled waters.

The lighthouse is 15 meters tall and its focal plane is located 78.5 meters above sea level. Thus, it is the highest located lighthouse in Sweden. Every 5 seconds, the Kullen Lighthouse flashes white for 0.3 seconds with 27 nautical miles reach. In addition, there is also a little museum in the lighthouse.

Kullaberg in sweden

Kullaberg Peninsula in southern Sweden.

kullen nature

Kullen offers unique nature experience

peninsula kullaberg

The Peninsula of kullaberg is the most visitied nature reserve in Sweden

kattegat sweden

Kullen is located along the coast of Kattegat

cliff kullen

View from a cliff in Kullaberg Nature Reserve

lighthouse kullaberg

The lighthouse on Kullaberg is located high above sealevel

Where is Kullaberg Peninsula located

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