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Places to visit near Barcelona

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Montserrat Mountain Spain is situated in the province of Catalonia 40 kilometers northwest off Barcelona. Montserrat is one of the places to visit near Barcelona.
Santa Maria de Montserrat (Abbey of Montserrat) is a Benedictine abbey located on the mountain of Montserrat. At 1,236 metres (4,055 ft) above the valley floor, Montserrat is the highest point of the Catalan lowlands.
The serrated form of the mountains have clear similarities with the towers of the famous church, La Sagrada Familia. This region has played an important role as a source of inspiration for Antoni Gaudí, who has worked on the mountain at a young age.

Monastery of Montserrat

Today, Montserrat Mountain Complex is an important pilgrimage and tourist destination and for centuries the abbey has played a significant role in Catalonia’s religious and political life. The monastery is accessible by road, train or cable car. I can highly recommend the cable car, from where the view is amazing.

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Pictures of Montserrat

Monastir Abadia Montserrat

Monastir Abadia de Montserrat West off Barcelona.

Montserrat cable car

Aeri de Montserrat cable car. This is the easiest way to access the monastery.

Santa Maria Montserrat Catalonia

Benedictine Abbey, Santa Maria de Montserrat, Catalonia Spain.

Montserrat Day Trip

I was visiting Montserrat Mountain Complex back in 2010. I took the train from Barcelona directly to the train station of Monistrol de Montserrat, which was very straightforward. The Spanish rail system is very well-functioned.
From the train station I took the cable car up to the monastery. I was hiking in the mountains for a couple of hours. I discovered the magnificent views and the stunning landscape. It is easy to imagine the monks who through centuries has wandered along these trails.

If you are visiting Barcelona I will definitely recommend a day trip to Montserrat Monastery. It is a true cultural and natural wonder close to the vibrant life of Barcelona.

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Montserrat Photos

Montserrat mountains spain

The summit of Montserrat mountains in Catalonia Spain.

Hiking Montserrat

There are some nice hiking trails in Montserrat Mountains offering magnificent views.

Mountains Montserrat

Serrated formed mountain peaks in Montserrat.

Girona Day Trip

Another recommended day trip from Barcelona goes to the Catalan city of Girona located 100 km north off Barcelona. The train journey from Barcelona Sants to Girona takes just a bit over one hour. Girona is known for the Old Town which is situated on the east bank of the river, with pedestrianized narrow streets surrounded by the old city walls. The modern part of the city is found on the west bank which is characterized by more shops and hotels, plus slightly cheaper restaurants. Girona is simply the beautiful backyard of Barcelona.

Girona and Montserrat are both popular destinations for tourists and Barcelona day-trippers and are both examples of places to visit near Barcelone.

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Girona Pictures

Girona Cathedral

Girona Spain

Colorful houses along the river, Girona.

Old town Girona

The old town of Girona, Catalonia.

Where is Montserrat in Spain

Where is Girona

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