New Harhour Canal: The best of Copenhagen Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark. Image credit: Andy Beal Pin It

New Harhour Canal: The best of Copenhagen

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New Harbor or in Danish Nyhavn is a 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen, Denmark. Nyhavn Canal is world-famous for its brightly colored 17th and early 18th century townhouses and bars, cafes and restaurants. Additionally, the canal has many historical wooden ships. The site has a lively atmosphere especially in the summertime and is indeed a must-see in Copenhagen. From Nyhavn you can take the popular canal tour boats which offers guided tours around the beautiful canal system of Copenhagen leading you to the top attractions of the city. H.C. Andersen’s house is located in New Harbor which bring the fairy tales to life.

Along the streets and the water front you will see and hear a lot of musicians and other entertainers. Nyhavn is also very popular for the youngsters of Copenhagen who like to drink and have fun in the sun. The canal of Nyhavn is simply for all generations.

The best of Copenhagen

Nyhavn is located next to the Kings Square (in Danish: Kongens Nytorv) which is a major popular square in Copenhagen. This area is definitely the best of Copenhagen.
The price level is very high in Nyhavn and in my opinion the quality is not comparable with the price level. I will recommend only enjoining drinks, beer and wine. The restaurants just behind Nyhavn is much cheaper and also much better.

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Nyhavn Canal pictures

Nyhavn Copenhagen Denmark

Nyhavn is a popular canal in Copenhagen Harbor.

Nyhavn Canal Copenhagen

Nyhavn Canal offers a lively and authentic atmosphere.

New Port Copenhagen Denmark

Nyhavn (English: New Port) in Copenhagen is known for its old painted houses.

Copenhagen Nyhavn cafes

Nyhavn offers lots of cafes, bars and restaurants with our-door serving during summer.

Where is Nyhavn

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