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Caves in Bulgaria, prehistoric life

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The Bulgarian nature offers a variety of landscapes including unique rock formations, majestic mountains and scenic areas. But most of all Bulgaria is known for its many caves. Numerous of caves are located in Bulgaria however just a few of them are accessible and open for public. There are found about 4,620 caves in Bulgaria by now and each of them has a specific history. Studies have proved that there are evidence of prehistoric life in the Bulgarian caves. The caves in Bulgaria are karst caves and limestone are prevailing.

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Caves in Bukgaria

The caves in Bulgaria were inhabited by people as early as the Stone Age, and you can see clear signs of ancient cultures. The beauty of numerous stalagmites, stalactites and water pools make the Bulgarian caves very beautiful.

The most popular and interesting caves in Bulgaria for tourists are the Devil’s Throat cave, Yagodinska cave, Haramiyska cave, Uhlovitsa cave, Saeva dupka, Bacho Kiro, Prohodna, Devetashka, Snezhanka, Ledenika, Orlova Chuka, Magurata and Lepenitsa.

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Devetashka Cave Bulgaria

Devetashka Cave is one of the most famous Bulgarian caves and is located 18 kilometers northeast of Lovech and 2 kilometers of the village of Devetaki. Devetashka Cave is well-known for its seven different-sized holes in the cave roof, through which sunlight penetrates and illuminates the central hall and part of its two fields.

Scientific studies have proved that the Devetashka cave used to be inhabited during almost every historical era. The earliest traces of human presence date back to the middle of the Early Stone Age before about 70,000 years BC. Thus, The Devetashka cave is among the cave deposits with the richest cultural artifacts and history influence.

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