Offshore windmills on Middelgrunden in Kattegat north off Copenhagen. Image credit: andjohan

Largest wind farms in the world

Wind power facts

Denmark is a leading country in terms of wind energy. Denmark has a long tradition for wind mills, and today scattered wind turbines characterize the Danish landscape together with large offshore wind farms.

In 2012 Wind power provided just over 30% of the electricity production in Denmark. In 2012, the Danish government adopted a plan to increase the share of electricity production from wind to 50% by 2020.

Denmark wind power

The Danish wind turbine industry is the world’s largest. The majority of the output is exported and already back in 2003 the Danish output counted for 38% of the world market. The two big leading wind power companies in Denmark are Vestas and Siemens.

Offshore wind turbines

Over the last decades, a row of huge wind farms (a group of wind turbines) have been established in the Danish Waters and the North Sea e.g. Anholt, Horns Rev, Femern Belt and Middelgrunden, and more are under construction. Several wind farms in the inner Danish waters and Kriegers Flak in the Baltic Sea are under the planning phase controlled by the Danish Authorities. Foreign investors are very interested in wind turbine developing projects in Denmark.


Largest wind farms in the world

Horns Rev Wind Farm located in the North Sea is one of the world’s largest wind parks. More major wind farms are under construction e.g. Horns Rev III. In windy periods Denmark is 100% self-sufficient which means that the wind turbines produce more energy than the danish population needs. Thus, in windy periods Denmark exports wind energy to for instance Sweden, Germany and Norway. In less windy periods Denmark import renewable energy mainly water energy from Scandinavia.

Carbon neutrality

The island of Samsø is the largest carbon-neutral settlement on the planet. 100% of its electricity comes from wind power. Due to this carbon neutrality Samsø is a popular tourist destination. Samsø is a knowledge center for scientists and investors world wide.

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Pictures of wind turbines

The most windy parts of Denmark is the West coast in Jutland
The sky, the fields and the wind turbines, West Jutland. Image credit: Blue Square Thing
Offshore wind farm located just outside the capital of Copenhagen
Copenhagen skyline and wind mills in Øresund. Image credit: alykat
Denmark is world-famous for its offshore wind farms
Wind power in Danish Waters. Image credit: CGP Grey
This is an example of a traditional Danish Windmill located on the small island of Langeland
Tranekær castle windmill, Langeland, Denmark. Image credit: dm1795
Denmark also has a lot of wind turbines on land
Welcome to Denmark – Windmills in the landscape. Image credit: Ben Kaminsky
Horns Rev in the Danish part of the North Sea is one of the biggest wind farms in the world
Horns rev – One of the world’s largest wind farms. Image credit: Jen Jen
Offshore wind turbines located in the harbor of Copenhagen
Danish Wind Turbines in Copenhagen Harbor. Image credit: CGP Grey

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