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How to find the cheapest flights | ReverseHomesickness.com
Skyscanner logo.

How to find the cheapest flights

If you are flexible with the dates of your vacation, you can find some very cheap flight. A search engine called SkyScanner have some very nice tools to help you, finding cheap tickets. Unlike other Travel Search Engines like Momondo, SkyScanner can list the cheapest flight for the whole year, month and week and search for a specific country or the whole world (all airports). I like these 2 features and find them very useful in my search for cheap tickets.

How To Find The Cheapest Flights Guide

Lets take a look on how SkyScanner works and how we use these useful features.

Skyscanner Search world
Skyscanner: Search for the whole world. Image credit: Steffan Jensen

Go to SkyScanners website – www.skyscanner.net
On the frontpage you will find a search form. Add your from location (Country or Airport).
Then in the destination / to input field fill in everywhere (all countries). Now you will get a list of all airports.

SkyScanner Date Filter
SkyScanner: Date Filter. Image credit: Steffan Jensen

Under Depart select “Whole Year”.
Make sure you have selected Economy Class. Click Search.

SkyScanner Cheapest flight
SkyScanner: List of the cheapest flight from Denmark. Image credit: Steffan Jensen

Now you will see a list of the cheapest flight from any airport in this case from Denmark to any airport in the world for the whole year. You can select one specific airport if you want that.

I will recommend when you found the right destination, that you go directly to the flight companies own website to book your flight ticket. They often have lower or no booking fee and often better guarantee and support.

Cheapest Flights Tips

– Be as flexible as possible with the dates and time of departure. Thats the best parameter to get the lowest price.
– Be flexible regarding the airports. Maybe there are other airports within a short radius to a better price.
– Use Skyscanner to find out which airline companies have the best price and then use flight companies own website to book your ticket.
– Don’t sick to one Travel Search Engine, use others as well to find the best price.
– Be aware some of the listed prices are before tax and fees and then bump in the top of the list. So check the price on the airline companies own website. Look for the final price before your book.
– Try to swift between 2+ days of the departure time. The price range can we very different.

Happy ticket hunt!.
If you have some good advice or experience please share then with us trough the comment module in the bottom of this article. Thanks!.

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