How To Use Taxis In Morocco

In Morocco there are two types of taxis, Petits Taxis and Grands Taxis. Petits Taxis are smaller cars used to take short rides in the cities, it has a maximum capacity of three. The Grands Taxis is used to take long rides from city to city.
The Grand taxis are typical 1970s to ’80s four door Mercedes without air conditioning.
A Grand taxi is a shared taxi in Morocco, the taxa will not leave the city before it’s full, and full means 7 people including the taxi driver (2 persons on the front seat, and 4 on the back seat). But you can buy the entire taxi (all 6 seats). Transport in Morocco are very cheap, actually one of the cheapest taxi fares in the world.

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Grand Taxi Morocco Price Level

Updated: I revisited Morocco again in November 2018.

As in most other African countries, the prices has been going up over the last 5 years. Here is the latest price updates for taxis in Morocco, based on my own visits.

Chefchaouen to Fez we paid 800-1000 Dirhams/dhs for a private taxi (read below what the difference is between and private and a shared taxi).

From Tangier to Chefchaouen we paid 600-700 Dirhams.
For for comparison a bus ticket from Chefchaouen to Fez/Fes will set you back 75-100 Dirhams.
It’s still cheap to take a taxi in Morocco, even though the cost has increased with something like 30%.

Be aware that most taxis still do not have seat belts. If possible, avoid driving at night.

*** Orginale post below *** Price level may have changed.

I did some research on the internet, before I traveled to Morocco in February 2014, to understand the price level in the country. I found these examples on different forums and sites.

– Merzouga – Fez (466 km) – Total price for all 6 seats: 1100 dhs (2.36 dhs per km) – Per seat per km: 0.393 dhs
– Agadir – Taroudannt (80 km) – Total price for all 6 seats: 162 dhs (2.025 dhs per km) – Per seat per km: 0.3375 dhs
– 35 dhs per 100 km per seat = 0.35 dhs per km per seat x 6 seats = 2.1 dhs per km
– 40 dhs per 100 km per seat = 0.4 dhs per km per seat x 6 seats = 2.4 dhs per km

That’s an average of 2.22 dhs per kilometer. (under 0.20 euros)

So a trip from Tangier Morocco to Chefchaouen Morocco (220 km, return) should cost around 490 dhs (43.62 euros) for the entire taxi. I did exactly that trip in February 2014 and I got the return trip for 600 dhs, the driver waited 4 hours for us in Chefchaouen so that was the extra 100 dhs + tips. We could push the price even more if we had tried.

So based on this average kilometer price and my experience with grands taxis in Morocco , this list is a good negotiation guide line and what price you should aim for:

– Fez to Chefchaouen (one way) 200 kilometer x 2.22 dhs = 444 dhs. (Approx. 2 hours and 45 minutes)
– Tangier to Chefchaouen (return) 220 kilometer x 2.22 dhs = 488.4 dhs. (Approx. 1 hour and 35 minutes – one way)
– Tangier to Asilah (oneway) 52 kilometer x 2.22 dhs =  115.44 dhs. (Approx. 45 minutes)
– Casablanca – Marrakesh (oneway)  237 kilometer x 2.22 dhs = 526 dhs. (Approx. 2.5 hours)

Examples are exclude tips and waiting time.

Remember that there is an extra fee from and to the airports.

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Morocco Taxi Tips

In the cities it’s not necessary to give tips, but you can round-up to the nearest 5 dirhams. So if a ride cost 7 dhs give 10. Longer trips in the grand taxis give 10, 20 or 30 dhs, depends on the distance.

Morocco Travel Advice

– A trip within the central city shouldn’t be more than 10 dirhams. (petits taxis)

– The grand taxis can be found at the ports, bus stations, train stations and the bigger hotels in the cities.

– The best way to prevent yourself from being ripped off is to make sure the taxi meter is set in the petits taxis. If the taxi driver does not want to start it, try to negotiate a specific fare before starting the journey.

– When you have found a grand taxi spot, there is often a person in the group who leads the communication with the tourists (mainly due to their language skills). Make the negotiations with that person and make sure he understand the price, he will give the price to “hes” drivers.

– Always negotiate the price before you get into the taxis. Always have a price ready before you start the negotiations. Have a walk away plan / max price, ready. If you walk they will often give you a better price and start a new negotiation.

– Be aware that there are often no seat belts in the taxis in Morocco. Actually I didn’t saw any taxis with seat belts at all.

– Be also aware, that they often drive with open window, so if you travel in Morocco, off-season it can be very cold in the taxi and in the summer time it can be very hot (there are no air conditioning in these grand taxis)

– The road construction are okay in Morocco and my experience is that the taxi drivers, drive safely. But I will not recommend to take a grands taxa outside the cities at night.

– Be aware if the driver finds another customer along the route heading in the same direction, he will usually pick him or her up too, unless you buy the entire taxi!

– And my last advice is, that the train is a lot more comfortable than the grand taxis, and it’s much cheaper, so if you travel between the major cities, consider to take the train instead. The standard is good in Morocco.

Hope this is helpful.
Please share your experiences and advise with us by adding a comment!. Thanks.

Typical Grand taxi spot in Morocco
Typical Grand taxi spot in Morocco

26 thoughts on “How To Use Taxis In Morocco

  1. I read your article regarding taking a taxi from Tangier
    to chefchaouen.  Did I read correctly that you stayed in chefchaouen
    for four hours?  If so, was this enough time?  I am debating if I
    should stay in chefchaouen overnight or if a few hours is enough.
     Also, I get motion sickness rather easily, was the ride smooth or
    pretty windy?

    1. Hi Isabel,

      Thank you for your comments!
      Yes thats right, we only spent 4 hours in Chefchaouen. We didn’t had more time, the trip along took 4 hours return from/to Tangier in the taxi, and we only had one day in total for that area.
      You can easily spent a whole day in Chefchaouen. Just walk around in the medina, look at the small shops and get a cop of mint tea on the medina square (Kasbah square).
      If we had the time for it, we had spent more time in Chefchaouen, no doubt about that.
      But 4 hours is enough to see the medina (Thats the must important thing to see), so you can save the extra hours to see Fez (Fes), proposals.
      When I travel I prefer to see as much as possible.

      The ride from Tangier to Chefchaouen and back is pretty smooth. The first stage from Tangier to Tetouan is on an main road with a few swings and roundabouts. But the route from Tetouan to Chefchaouen, is up in the mountains, so less smooth. But my experience is that they drive safely, and I get motion sickness easily to, and it was not a problem for me. If you buy the entire taxi, take the front seat, and look always on road and think of the next turn.

      I don’t know if you already had read it, but we have a small article about the blue town – Chefchaouen on this site, as well:

      Hope it helped you!

      Best regards,

      1. I read you went by taxi from Tangier, my question is where can I book a taxi ride from Tangier to Fes, since the bus trip leaves in the afternoon, and that doesnt suit my plans.
        I cant find information about booking taxis from one city to another. The only way I found on line is from airport to airport, and quite expensive too.

        1. Hi Rosa!,
          You can find taxis near all the big hotels in Tangier but also at the main bus station and near it. They are not that difficult to find. Good luck!

  2. Hi, Steffan,
    In your article, you mentioned “A trip within the central city shouldn’t be more than 10 dirhams. (petits taxis)”, does 10DH cover all seats? or just cover 1 seat?

    Thank you for your help. ^^

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your comment.
      10DH is for the whole taxi all seats. (petits taxis)
      Best regards,

  3. Hello,
    Thanks for all the informative information on taxi’s, it should come in handy when we travel in May from Tangier airport to Chefchaoune. I am a bit baffled to why I cannot find any information on how or where to find my hotel that is located somewhere in the medina with no signs anywhere.
    I have no idea what I will do when the taxi drops us off in town and we have to walk around chefchaoune looking for our hotel??? I have traveled to many countries but mostly europe and I found them easy to find info on finding your hotel but for some reason I am not getting any help, not even from hotel itself to where to go on finding our hotel. Can you help?

  4. Hi Susan,
    I’am glad we can help you, and thanks for your comment.
    There are many small hotels in the Medina. There can be many tourists in the area at the high season so I would prebook the hotel and its also easier.

    Here is some information I found on Google

    A stroll through the medina will reveal dozens of cheap hotels, starting from Dh 40 per night for a single. Many of these hotels have roof terraces.

    – Harmony Hotel (room Dh 60 per person, Dh 100 double) located in the medina is good value for solo travellers, who pay less but still get double beds.
    – Hotel Ourzazate (room Dh 60 per person) in the medina is a decent choice with a good location.
    – Hotel Andaluz, 1 Rue Sidi Salem (in the medina),
    Source: (See the full list)

    I found this hotel and it can be booked via, it’s cheap and located in side the medina (The hotel name is Dar Zambra) –

    You can find a map (of many of the hotels in the Medina) on it will maybe help you to find a hotel:

    Hope this will help you!.
    Fill free to ask us again if you have more questions!.
    Have a nice trip! Chefchaouen is a beautiful place :).

    Best regards,

  5. Hi Steffan,

    Your info is very useful! I’m planning a trip to Morroco with my friends. Totally 4 girls. The first stop would be Marrekesh. Are the taxi rates there similar?
    How much should we pay for the grand taxi? Do they have a meter?



    1. Hi Angie,

      I’am glad you find our info useful! and thanks for your comment!.
      The local petits taxis, will be a bit more expensive in the bigger cities like Marrakech. but again, as you probably already had read in this article – A trip within the central city shouldn’t be more than 10 dirhams. (petits taxis).
      Most of the Petits Taxis have a meter. Make sure the taxi meter is set and on or try to negotiate a specific fare before starting the journey. You ‘will’ get ripped of if you don’t follow one of these two tips.

      Hope this will help you!

      Best regards,

  6. Hi Steffan,

    What an useful article! Thanks very much for sharing.  Can I just ask where did you take the grand taxi from? Did you start your journey from the port or from the airport? I was just wondering if there is any possibility the calculation of the taxi fare is slightly different if we take the taxi from the airport? 

    Thanks much.  


    1. Hi Uly,

      Your are welcome, and thanks for your comment. I got a taxi from the street near the beach in Tangier. You can find Grand Taxi many places in the cities. Your are right I’am pretty sure the price are higher from the Airport. But I’am not sure how much more. You can take the taxi to Tangier centre and then continue your journey from there. The distance is about 12-13 km from the Airport to the Main bus wtation where you can find many Grand taxis. The grand taxi rank is next to the station. Taxi from Tanger airport to Tanger should cost around 150 dirham.


  7. I read your post and will need to get from Tangiers to Fes by Grand Taxi. What would that cost and can we pay in Euros or do we need dirhams? also would it be possible to get a Grand Taxi from Tanger Med to Fes?
    Thank you for any help you can offer.

    1. Hi Marilee,
      It will take you over 4 hours to drive from Tanger-Med to Fes, I would take a Grand taxi from Tanger-Med to Tangier and then take the train to Fes, it’s cheaper.
      Train info is at
      I don’t think any driver will drive that long without a return trip, our change to other driver on the way.
      A return trip will cost about 25-30 euros (one seat in a shared taxi, with stops) – my best guess.
      Yes they will many places accept euro’s, but I have not used it in a taxi before!.
      BR, Steffan

  8. Hi Steffan,

    I am planning to visit Morocco in April and wanted visit Chefouen. I will arrive to Casablance at 1 pm. and CTM doesn’t show any available buses that day.
    What do you think its better to take a train or bus to Tangiers and taxi from there? or taxi straight from Casablanca?
    Also, I was wondering if bus/train stations grand taxis are easily accessible from airport?

    I am a female by myself, kinda concerned about safety, will meet group of friends in Marrakesh afterwards. thank you for you help.

  9. Sorry – adding one more question to Steffan.

    I’m planning a trip for 5 in July from Tangier to Chaouen.  We are looking to do a day trip after taking overnight train from Marrakech.  

    Since our time is limited, we are looking to book a taxi/car for an entire day to send us from Tangier to Chaouen and back to Tangier in the evening.  We can do a tour or without tour.

    What is the best way to get this arranged prior to our arrival and what is the average price for this type of arrangement?

    Thanks in advance for the advice.


    1. Hi Ellie,

      my girlfriend and I recently made the same trip as you in February! We used – I’d recommend it if you would rather avoid the grand taxis.
      In terms of prices, my friend took a grand taxi from Tangier – Chefchaouen – Tangier and paid about €80. We paid €99 for the same journey with the private company. Either way I wouldn’t pay anymore than that. The journey takes about 2 hours and is quite scenic. I’m sure you’ll love it! Have fun! Steve

  10. We will be in Tangier in May. What should a taxi to Tetouan cost? The hotel said they could arrange it but their price seemed high based on what I’ve read. They also said they could pick us up from the airport. So here are my questions on fares:
    Tangier airport to La Tangerina hotel
    Tangier (hotel) to Tetouan
    Tetouan to Chefchauen later that day (assume 8 hours)
    Chefchauen to Cueta to catch ferry.

    Thanks so much!!


  11. Just wanted to let people know that these prices are way off. I’m in Morocco now and it’s impossible to get the rates claimed in this article. Even Moroccan people cannot get a trip from Chefchaouen to Fes for that price.

    Just thought I would let people know, because you will end up spending a lot more than you expect.

  12. In reply to Carla…… The rates listed by Steffan are a little out-dated,  the article is now a few years old and based on even older information.  However you exaggerate a little,  the rates aren’t hugely increased,  the route Agadir-Taroudannt,  one I frequently use,  Steffan quote’s  27Mdh. per passenger (162Mdh. for the whole car),  the rate some months ago stood at 32Mdh. per seat for a one-way trip.
    Given recent changes to Taxi Regulations in Morocco,  fluctuation fuel  prices,  where a few years ago  taxi-drivers/ owners were rightly complaining about high diesel costs,  in recent times these costs have fallen,  taxi fares/ charges in Morocco  are very cheap.  
        Keep in mind when in Morocco,  some taxi Marshall’s, (most taxi parks/ lots operate with a Marshall who supervises queues,  collects fares, referees disputes,  etc) may unlawfully charge Tourists a little extra.!  Most tourist don’t know what’s going on, what their looking at or hearing,  all part of the wonderful experience of visiting Morocco.

    The link created by Steffan on Moroccan taxis is useful and concise,  widely used on travel forums like the thortree forum on Lonelyplanet etc., to inform independent tourists and travellers.  

  13. Hi

    This is so helpful! Has anyone done the Tangier to Chef trip in 2017 that can confirm the prices are still similar? I see that Tangier Taxi is charging €89 for a one way trip there, so it has to at least be cheaper than that!

    1. Rose,
      last week we paid 700dhs for a grand taxi from Tangier to Chefchaouen one-way. The driver drove far too quickly for the roads and I understand we are not the only people to have this experience. The road from Tangier to Chefchaouen is mountainous and great care is needed when driving, partly due to the nature of the road and partly due to the other crazy drivers and CTM buses overtaking on corners.

      On the way back from Chefchaouen to Tangier we booked through Tangier Taxi for 89 euros, and what a difference. New car, great driver, and felt very safe. Next time we won’t bother with the grand taxis, it’s not worth saving €20. I suggest you do the same.

  14. Hello

    I just have one question. I would like to go from Chefchaouen to tangier med!! I knew that is around 55euro is it true? So it’s 55 euro for all the grand taxi alright? And what do you think is it better to go to tangier med or ceuta??( then I will take a ferry to go in spain) And is it possible to book earlier a gran taxi or I have to find one there in a place. If I have to find there… where can I find a gran taxi in Chefchaouen?
    Thanks for your help 🙂

  15. Great information. Lucky me I recently found your website by
    chance (stumbleupon). I’ve bookmarked it for later!

  16. Hey mate great article.

    Just a question. Do you pre-book the grand taxis between cities or are they pretty easy to find? Or can the Riad’s do it for you?

    Trying to decide in we pre-book a private driver for our 9 day trip or just wing it along the way.

    Planning on visiting:

    Erg Chebbi


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