Sevanavank, Sevan Lake, Armenia.

List of the best Armenian monasteries

In the autumn 2013, I traveled to Armenia. Here I discovered the natural and cultural wonders which Armenia offers. Armenia is a part of the south Caucasus region and offers scenic landscapes including steppes, grass land, volcanoes, mountains ranges and alpine lakes.

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Armenian Monasteries

In addition to the natural wonders, Armenia is known for it many cultural treasures. Armenia was the first country that officially made Christianity the state religion in the year 301. The magnificent and well-preserved Armenian monasteries and monuments clearly testify these old Christian traditions. These monasteries, churches and monuments are beautifully located in the Armenian landscape.

I will here presents some of the top attractions of Armenian monasteries and monuments I visit on my journey to Armenia which I will recommend as Must-See destinations. All these attractions are easy accessible from the capital of Yerevan. I traveled around by Taxi which is very cheap in Armenia relatively to European standards. In this context it is very important to negotiate the price. The local taxi drivers can easily cheat tourists.

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Top list of Armenian Monasteries and Monuments

Khor Virap Monastery

The Khor Virap monastery is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Armenia. It is located on the foot of the incredible snow-capped strato volcano of Mount Ararat, which is the national symbol of Armenia. From the monastery you overlook the amazing Ararat Valley both on Armenian and Turkish land. I really find this view stunning and breathtaking.
The monastery was host to a theological seminary and was the residence of Armenian Catholics and has played a major role in the Christian and spiritual Armenia and even today it is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in Armenia.
Khor Virap is located very close to the Armenian-Turkish border, which is a closed and guard checked zone. Due to historical events there is a very tense relationship between the to neighbors. I think, it was interesting to discover this border zone. I really felt the tense relationship and the cultural differences.

Khor Virap monastery
Khor Virap monastery is a popular tourist attraction in Armenia.

Monastery of Geghard

Geghard monastery is a unique architectural construction in Armenia situated just east of the capital of Yerevan, being partly carved out of the adjacent mountain, surrounded by cliffs. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Geghard Monastery Armenia
The road connecting the temple of Garni and Geghard Monastery east off Yerevan.
Geghard Monastery
Geghard Monastery is beautiful located in mountainous surroundings.

Sevan Monastery

Sevanavank, Sevan Monestry, is beautifully located along the shore of the alpine lake of Sevan.

Sevan Monastery Armenia
Sevanavank also called Sevan Monastery is situated at the shore of Sevan Lake.
Sevanavank Armenia
Sevanavank is one of the famous monasteries in Armenia.

Temple of Garni

Garni Temple Armenia
The Hellenic temple of Garni is truly a cultural treasure in Armenia.
Temple Garni
Garni Temple is the only pagan temple in Armenia that survived the Christianization of the country in 301 AD.

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Monasteries in Armenia

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