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Best beaches in Denmark: West Coast of Jutland | ReverseHomesickness.com
The amazing west coast of Denmark.

Best beaches in Denmark: West Coast of Jutland

Information about the West Coast of Denmark

The wild nature at the west coast of Denmark extends from Skagen in the north to the Wadden Sea in the south. The coast offers both natural and cultural experiences. West coast in Denmark is best known for endless stretches of beach, maritime past pulse, many German concrete bunkers from World War II and magnificent bird life. The most beautiful sunsets can be seen along the Danish coast.

Denmark Travel Tips

The west coast of Denmark (West Jutland) is for you who are looking for endless wild nature. Here you will find sand dunes, heathland and wind-blown beaches under open sky. The best beaches in Denmark are found here. The coast is a very dramatic landscape, shaped by the North Sea. As far as the eye can see, there are wide white sand beaches and high dunes. However, close to the coast you also find milder, hilly fields with large forest plantations as well as small straits, bays and inlets.
I will recommend visiting some of the small fisher villages where you will find an authentic Danish fisher atmosphere. Furthermore, I will recommend visiting the region of Thy where you can see the major bird sanctuary and wetland of Vejlerne. The amazing limestone cliff of Bulbjerg is also worth a visit.

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Coast West Denmark
View of the dramatic coast in West Jutland.
Bulbjerg Nordjylland
The tall limestone cliff of Bulbjerg in the northern part of Denmark.

Cold Hawaii Denmark

Cold Hawaii Denmark is the surfing term for the coastal strip of Thy around Klitmøller, where there are no less than 29 great surf spots. Cold Hawaii got its name because the area has some very specific wind conditions similar to those from Hawaii. Due to the unique wind and wave conditions the area is indeed a surfing paradise and among the best surf spots in the world. Some of the world’s top surfing competitions are held right here.

Cold Hawaii Denmark
Cold Hawaii Klitmøller, Denmark is a world famous surfing location. Image credit: Cold Hawaii

UNESCO World Site: The Wadden Sea Denmark

The southern part of the Danish West coast consists of the Wadden Sea, which is the largest national park in Denmark and continues further south into Germany and Holland. This intertidal marshland is an excellent place to see birds and parts of this area is a UNESCO World Site. The area is characterized by magnificent bird life and is actually the place in Northern Europe, where most migratory birds make a stop when they fly south and north. Wadden Sea region is known for this Black Sun phenomenon.
The best months to experience Black Sun in Denmark is September and October. Then there are up to 900,000 starlings in the sky above the marshes.

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Black Sun Wadden Sea
In the Wadden Sea area it is possible is see the black sun phenomenon.
Wadden Sea National Park
Wadden Sea is characterized by very shallow tidal water.
Seals Wadden Sea
Wadden Sea is home for many seals.

Oldest Town in Denmark

In addition, I will recommend visiting the charming town of Ribe which is the oldest town in Denmark. The history of Ribe can be dated back to year 704-710, where a trading post on the site was established. Ribe has retained its old urban environment with Ribe Cathedral as its majestic landmarks. Many thousands of tourists from all over the world each year flock to the town to experience the town’s special and ancient atmosphere.

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Ribe town
Beautiful old houses in Ribe.
Ribe Denmark
Air photo of Ribe in southern Denmark.

Pictures Denmark

Denmark coast
Typical sand dune landscape along the coast in Denmark.
Denmark landscape
The amazing west coast of Denmark offers endless white beaches.
Rubjerg Knude Nordjylland
Huge sand dunes around Rubjerg Knude lighthouse in northern Denmark
Heath land Denmark
Heath landscape in West Jutland in Denmark.
Sand dunes Denmark
Dramatic landscape along the west coast of Denmark.

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