Orthodox church in Tiraspol. Image credit: Marco Fieber

Trans-Dniester Region: The most unknown part of Europe

Transnistria or in English called Trans-Dniester Region is a de facto state situated along Dniester River between Ukraine in the east and Moldova in the west. The official name is Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Officially, Trans-Dniester is a part of the Republic of Moldova which is a former region in the Sovjet Empire’s. The declaration of independence was back in 1990. However, Transnistria has never been recognized by any United Nations member. Trans-Dniester region is strongly related to Russia and the state gets military as well as economic support from government in Moscow.

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In relation, to the tension between west and east, Trans-Dniester has played a major role. Due to the large percentage of Russians and the strategically and geographical important site, Putin is very interested in the Trans-dniester region.

The number of inhabitants is about half a million, including 150.000 people in the capital of Tiraspol.

Most people do not know the existence of Transnistria. The main reason is that the region is situated in one little pocket of Eastern Europe far away from the common tourist routes. Thus, it might be considered as one of the most unknown and isolated parts of Europe.

Transnistria map

Map of Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria.

Transnistria photos

Tiraspol is the largest city in Transnistria
Trans-Dniester parliament building in Tiraspol and a statue of Vladimir Lenin. Image credit: Marco Fieber
Apartment buildings in Tiraspol, Transnistria. Image credit: Stefan Krasowski
The cityscape is typically Sovjet style
Cityscape in the capital of Tiraspol. Image credit: Minamie's Photo
Transnistria is actually a region in the Republic of Moldova
Tank memorial in Tiraspol. Image credit: Marco Fieber
Trans-dniester region is one of the poorest areaes of Europes.
Shops in Tiraspol, Trans-Dniester. Image credit: Marco Fieber

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