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Mallorca: Best holiday destination in Mediterranean | ReverseHomesickness.com
Enjoy the lovely beaches in Palma. Image credit: Andrés Nieto Porras

Mallorca: Best holiday destination in Mediterranean

Mallorca information

Mallorca is an extremely popular holiday destination and might be considered as the most popular tourist destination and the best holiday destination in Mediterranean. The majority of the tourists are from Britain and Germany, but also Americans and Scandinavians love Majorca. Each year just over 10,0 millions tourists are visiting Majorca. In high season the island receives about 8 million tourists from around the world. Tourism is a major industry on the island and more than half of the population works in the tourist sector.

Majorca is the biggest island in Spain and is located in the western part of the Mediterranean Sea about 170 km east off Barcelona. Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic Islands archipelago which also includes Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. The island has approximately 870,000 inhabitants. Almost half of the population lives in the capital of Palma de Mallorca.

<h2>Why is Mallorca the best holiday destination in Mediterranean</h2>

The main reason for Majorca’s extremely high popularity are the sunny beaches, amazing landscapes, wonderful mountains, affordable Mediterranean food etc. The warm and sunny weather is also a huge factor. I think the best time of the year to visit Mallorca is September or October. In this season the weather is pleasant. It is still warm and sunny but not to hot as in July or August. During spring the weather might be quiet unstable with periods of rain and wind. In autumn the sea temperature is pleasant, too. The pleasant weather conditions are indeed one of the main reasons why Mallorca is the best Holiday destination in Mediterranean.

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Things to do in Majorca

Shopping in Palma de Mallorca

The capital of Palma is definitely worth a visit. It is a busy and charming metropolis and offers a great mix of ancient and modern culture and architecture. A must see in Palma is the huge cathedral, the old center of Palma and the marina which are home for very exclusive yachts. Palma offers everything you can imagine from cozy cafes, top-class restaurants amazing churches over culture, galleries, shopping and colorful cocktail bars. I can also recommend the city beach in Palma. In my opinion, Palma de Mallorca has an unique mixture of facilities such as beach life, shopping and nightlife.

Palma de Mallorca is the largest city on Mallorca
Enjoy the lovely beaches in Palma. Image credit: Andrés Nieto Porras
The landmark of Palma de Mallorca is the cathedral
Night shot of Palma Cathedral. Image credit: Andrés Nieto Porras

White sand beaches in Alcudia

Majorca is world famous for its amazing sandy beaches. The most visited beach is by far the beach in Alcudia next to the town of Port de Alcudia which is the most popular resort area in Mallorca. Alcudia offers wide sandy beaches, shallow waters, nice resorts and comfortable apartments. The beaches here are really amazing and the water in the bay is shallow, clean and family friendly. Cozy beach bars are located along the shore. Alcudia is really ideal for family holiday. Activities as wind surfing and water skiing is very popular too. I can recommend visiting the old towns of Alcudia and Pollenca as well as the beautiful marinas in Port d’ Alcudia and Port de Pollenca. Alcudia is actually the oldest town in Majorca. Pollenca is located just a few kilometres north off Alucudia.

The beaches in Alcudia is very family friendly
White sand and blue waters in Alcudia. Image credit: Anders Fagerjord
The old town of Alcudia is located a few km in land from the resorts along Alcudia Bay
Old town of Alcudia. Image credit: Cristian Bortes

Tramuntana mountains

The west coast of Mallorca is dominated by the magnificent mountain range of Tramuntana (Serra de Tramuntana) which is considered to be one of the most beautiful parts of southern Europen. The area offers amazing views, high mountain peaks, steep slopes, green canyons, deep forests as well as fragrant orange and olive trees. The Serra de Tramuntana region is intersected by the main road C710 which goes from Pollenca in the north to Andratx in the south. It is truly a beautiful trip and takes you through charming mountain villages e.g. Sóller, Valdemossa as well as the monasteries in Lluc and Fornalutx. I can also recommend visiting Puig Mayo which is the highest peak in Mallorca. Another recommendation is to visit Formentor the northern tip of Mallorca which is a stunning rocky nature area.

Majorca has a very unique nature
Majorca offers many amazing views. Image credit: Steffen Egly
Valldemossa is one of the most authentic mountain villages in Mallorca
The village of Valldemossa is located only 17 kilometers north from Palma. Valldemosa is located in the center of the valley of the Sierra de Tramuntana in an altitude of 400 m. Image credit: Fotos_Mariano_Villalba

Nightlife in Megaluf

Together with the neighboring town of Palmanova, Megaluf offers the wildest nightlife on the island. Megaluf is a resort stretching along the shore with bars, restaurants, discos, hotels and shops. During summer Megaluf is dominated by teenagers from mainly Britain who loves all the sports facilities mainly the water sport. In my opinion, Megaluf is more for young wild people more than families with kids. But Mallorca is for everyone.

Limestone caves

Majorca is famous for its caves and is home for over 300 of them. Cuevas del Drach also called Dragon Caves is located near Porto Cristo on the east coast and is probably the most famous cave on Majorca. The Dragon Cave is stunning in size and beauty. In addition, it includes one of the largest underground lakes in the world. Unfortunately, the most known of the caves are really overcrowded by tourists. Instead I will recommend visiting some of the smaller caves e.g. Cuevas de Campanet. Here you in more private conditions can enjoy the impressive view of the interior.

Majorca is famous for its massive cave system
Majorca offers several impressive cave systems. Image credit: fuffy_ge
The Mallorcan caves are popular tourist attractions
Caves d’ Arta are underground caverns with spectacular stalagmites. Image credit: Cristian Bortes

General advice

I will recommend to rent a car in Majorca. The roads are really good and by car it is possible to discover the entire island over a short period of time. The prices are often very high along the coast and close to the popular resorts. The Majorcan culture and lifestyle is to be found in the small villages in the mountains and in the wine fields. I suggest to visit to Valdamossa, Carimari and Inca as well as the wine fields in the east. These places are not overcrowded by tourists and you can discover more authentic and local atmosphere. Furthermore, the prices are much lower here.

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