Auckland Skyline. Image credit: Teseum

Auckland: The largest urban area in New Zealand

After visiting Fiji we took the flight from Nadi to Auckland, which is the largest city in New Zealand with 1,4 million inhabitants. When we arrived to Auckland we very quickly got the impression that Auckland oozes of Western sentiment and is very modern in style and behavior. Let me get it out right away, I felt really comfortable in Auckland, the feeling was probably induced by the fact that we had been some days in Fiji, where we had difficulty in communicating properly in English.

After a couple of hours walking in the streets you probably tend to look up on the iconic edifice ‘Sky Tower’ and I was really impressed by this building. My travel partner and I try as much as possible on our trips to avoid the tourist traps. However, we decided yo give it a chance mostly due to the stunning view of the city ‘Sky Tower’, with it’s 328 meters, is the tallest free-standing structure on the southern hemisphere.  For those who dare to try it – it is possible to try “SkyJump” from 192 meters above sea level down to the city streets.

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