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Population Density of Malta

In April 2012 I visited the small island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. Since I had relatively short time on the island, I decided just to spend my time in the capital city of Valletta, which turned out to be a good choic.
Before leaving, I have planned to rent a car, but in last hour we changed plans, which we not tend to regret due to the chaotic traffic conditions on the island. Apart from driving on the left side of the road, which I personally get used to very fast, it is generally very compact and the roads are stacked by cars everywhere. Please keep in mind that the population density of Malta is 1,261 people per km2. This is almost 4 times larger relatively to India.

Taxi service in Malta

The deductible on the car is highly affected by that fact!. So definitely, I would really recommend you to actually think about it one more time before renting a car in the densely populated island of Malta.
Alternatively, I will highly recommend public transportation, which works really well in Malta and is at the same time very cheap. In practice, you buy a day ticket, which only costs a few euros and then you can traveled around the city the entire day for that single ticket. It is indeed a great principle.

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What to see in Valletta

By researching, I knew that Valletta is an UNESCO World Heritage site and that the city and its history is something the Maltese are very proud of. Valletta is one of Europe’s smallest capitals with only 6,315 + (census 2005) inhabitants.
Valletta is clearly a sight to behold and I would highly recommend others to stay in the capital for a couple of days when visiting the densely populated island of Malta. The country’s history is exciting and breathtaking and can not fail to impress even for non-history freaks like me!.
The old architecture and the ancient outlook of the streets and the buildings are incredibly well-preserved and a visit inside the St. John’s Co-Cathedral is definitely recommended. The city is essentially Baroque in character, with elements of Mannerist, Neo-Classical and Modern architecture in selected areas.

Pictures of Valletta Malta

Old Town, Valletta, Malta
Old Town, Valletta, Malta
St-Johns Co Cathedral, Valletta, Malta
St-Johns Co Cathedral, Valletta, Malta

Spinola Bay Malta

The last day, I saw the bay of Spinola which lies north of Valletta. I have read that this specific area is worth a visit. Let me start out in this way, if you’ll avoid tourists you must not go to this area, due to the fact that all the major hotel chains and tourist cafes are located here. St Julian’s is a popular town, usually flowing with tourists, especially during the summer month. It is known for tourism-oriented businesses, such as hotels, restaurants and nightclubs.
If you’re lucky you may see the locals bathing in the water with their horses!.

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Pictures of Malta

Photograph: Steffan Jensen
The bay of Spinola, St. Julian’s, Malta Photograph: Steffan Jensen
View of beautiful architecture in Valletta, Malta
View of beautiful architecture in Valletta, Malta

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