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Hottest Inhabited Place on Earth, Dallol

Dallol, Ethiopia was a settlement based around a former potash mine located in the remote part of Danakil Depression, northeast of Erta Ale Range in Africa, but it has been described as a ghost town since 2005.

Dallol currently holds the official record for record high average temperature for an inhabited location on Earth and dubbed “The Cruelest Place on Earth” by National Geographic.

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Danakil Depression
Danakil Depression Image credit: Michael Meraner

Hottest Inhabited Place on Earth

The annual mean temperature was recorded from 1960 to 1966 as 34.4 °C (93.9 °F). The average daily maximum temperature during the same period was 41.1 °C (106.0 °F).

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The ghost town is one of the remotest places on Earth so there are no roads in or to Dallol the only regular transport service is provided by camel caravans which travel to the area to collect salt.

Nearby is the Dallol volcano Ethiopia, which last eruption was in 1926. The area has one of the world’s most spectacular landscape and is famous for its hot brine and multi-colored white, pink, red, yellow, green, gray and black salt deposits, hot springs and miniature geysers.

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Town of Dallol: Map

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Danakil Depression, Ethiopia
Danakil Depression, Ethiopia Image credit: Matthew and Heather
Ethiopia, Dallol, Danakil Depression
Ethiopia, Dallol, Danakil Depression Image credit: Achilli Family | Journeys
Dallol Volcano, Danakil Depression, Ethiopia
Dallol Volcano, Danakil Depression, Ethiopia Image credit: Matthew and Heather
Dallol, Ghost Town
Dallol, Ghost Town Image credit: Matthew and Heather
Dallol, Ghost Town
Dallol, Ghost Town

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