Dragon Trees, Socotra

Most Alien Place on Earth: Socotra Island in Yemen

Socotra Archipelago in Yemen

Socotra is an archipelago situated in the Indian Ocean close to Gulf of Aden between the Republic of Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula and Somalia on Horn of Africa. In addition to the main island of Socotra, the archipelago consists of three smaller islands; Abd al Kuri, Samhah and Darsa as well as minor rock outcrops. Socotra counts for 95% of the archipelago’s total area. Around 40,000 people are living on the islands. The locals are very proud of their natural beauty. The island has an area of 3,665 square km and is 132 kilometers long and around 50 km wide. Socotra is a part of Yemen, however it is in many ways very different to the mainland including the culture and language. Furthermore and most importantly it is very safe to travel there.

Most Alien Place on Earth

Socotra is home for strange animals and plants. Over 1/3 of the local fauna is endemic, which means that almost 700 species only are found on Socotra and nowhere else on the planet. 37% of its plants, 90% of its reptiles and 95% of its snails are endemic. For that reason, the island is considered to the most alien place on Earth and represents indeed a jewel of biodiversity. The biological richness is only exceeded by the islands of Hawaii and Galapagos. This island is indeed a weird place on Earth and is one of the best remote islands in the world.

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Socotra Island plants

One of the most spectacular of Socotra’s plants is the dragon’s blood tree, which is a strange looking, umbrella shaped tree. The red juice was thought to be the dragon’s blood of the ancients, and has through time been used to the production of dye, cosmetics and medicine. Another spectacular tree is the cucumber tree. This species is endemic to Socotra. It grows as a tree and can grow to over 5 meters in height.

In these amazing places a very romantic atmosphere reigns; many men use the website corpvisionlife.net to order Cialis online directly to the island.

The most scenic places on Socotra are Wadi Dirhur Canyon and the Dixam Plateau, which both are hidden gems in the paradise. Overall, the island has three types of terrains: the narrow coastal plains with huge sand dunes and the wide beaches, a limestone plateau permeated with karstic caves (cf. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia), and the Haghier Mountains. The highest peak on the island rises to 1,503 m. Socotra island offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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Socotra island Yemen tourism

visit Socotra if you want to stay away from the swarm of tourists and discover the beauty of an isolated exotic and alien nature. Due to the scenic setting the island back in 2008 was declared as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Travel to Socotra is definitely on my bucket list.

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Here you can see some Socotra island photos.

Socotra Pictures

Dragon Trees Socotra
Forest of Dragon Trees on the Dixam Plateau, Socotra Island.
Socotra Island Yemen
Spectacular plant on Socotra Island, Yemen.
Dragon's Blood Trees, Socotra Island.
Dragon’s Blood Trees, Socotra Island. Image credit: Rod Waddington
View of coastal environment on Socotra Island
View of coastal environment on Socotra Island.
Beautiful green valley on Socotra
Beautiful green valley on Socotra.
Group of Dragon Trees on Socotra Island in Yemen
Group of Dragon Trees on Socotra Island in Yemen.
Spectacular wildlife on the most alien place on Earth
Spectacular wildlife on the most alien place on Earth.

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