Meghalaya, India is the wettest place on Earth. Image credit: Rajesh Dutta

Extreme weather around the world

Climate is strongly varying around the world and extreme weather around the world is not unusual. Here is a list of places around the world who hold very extreme weather conditions such as hottest and coldest place, wettest and driest place etc.

Hottest Inhabited Place on Earth

Dallol in Ethiopia currently holds the official record for record high average temperature for an inhabited location on Earth and dubbed “The Cruelest Place on Earth” by National Geographic. The annual mean temperature was recorded from 1960 to 1966 as 34.4 °C (93.9 °F). The average daily maximum temperature during the same period was 41.1 °C (106.0 °F).

dallol volcano landscape
Ethiopia, Dallol, Danakil Depression. Image credit: Andrea Schieber

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