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Bodrum Taxis: Cost in Peninsula Turkey

Since it’s not very easy to drive on your own in Turkey, because of the dense traffic in the bigger cities and the more aggressively driving culture in Turkey, compared to many other countries, the uses of taxis is a good alternative on your next visit to Turkey. The price level and the safety are good.

Taxi Fares in Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey. (Can change based on time of the day and cities)
4.00 TL Start fee
3.00 TL Price per kilometer
13.00 TL Price per hour

Turkey Taxi Price

Here is a list of price examples in the Bodrum Peninsula area, Turkey.

Taxi Prices in Towns: (Bodrum Taxis)
Gündoğan to Bodrum Centrum: 21 km – 30 min. Start fee 4 Lira = 73.5 Lira (25 Euro) one way
Gümüşlük to Bodrum Centrum: 21 km – 32 min. Start fee 4 Lira = 74 Lira (26 Euro) one way
Yalıkavak to Bodrum Centrum: 18 km – 25 min. Start fee 4 Lira = 63.5 Lira (22 Euro) one way

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Taxi Prices from/to the Bodrum Airport:
Milas – bodrum airport to Bodrum Centrum: 38 km – 42 min. Start fee 4 Lira = 110 Lira (38 Euro) one way
Milas – bodrum taxi airport to Gündoğan (Bodrum to Gündoğan): 50 km – 60 min. Start fee 4 Lira = 125 Lira (44 Euro) one way
Milas – bodrum airport to Muğla (Bodrum to Muğla): 78 km – 85 min. Start fee 4 Lira = 155 Lira (54 Euro) one way
Milas – bodrum airport to İzmir (Bodrum to Izmir): 210 km – 185 min. Start fee 4 Lira = 340 Lira (119 Euro) one way

For more Bodrum Airport taxi fares look here:

General tips and advice:

– Only take the taxi if they have a meter and it’s on.
– You usually cannot negotiate about the price, it’s fixed when the taximeter is on.
– Some of the taxi drivers can drive pretty aggressively. You can ask them to slow down if you’re not comfortable with it.
– They do not use GPS in the cars and often do they not know what the streets are called so use point of interest, like a hotel, bar, shop or/and point on a map.
– Some drivers do not speak english at all so remember to be well prepared, but they are often friendly and nice.
– Remember to say the exact location of your destination, since it can mean a detour if you just say the name of the nearest city or town center.

Based on this price index for taxis price back in 2010 in 72 cities. Turkey is on the same level as Chile, Russia and Brazil.

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