Hammershus is Scandinavia's largest medieval fortification Image credit: Frank M. Rafik

The island of Bornholm in the middle of the Baltic Sea

The island of Bornholm is also called “The Pearl of the Baltic” and offers amazing natural and cultural beauty. Bornholm is indeed a very popular tourist destination. It is widely known for its smoked herring, high quality arts and crafts as well as its beautiful nature. Bornholm is part of the Kingdom of Denmark and is situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

You can get to Bornholm by car ferry and airplane. The ferries are sailing from Køge in Denmark and Ystad in Sweden. The local airport is situated in Ronne (or Rønne), which is the largest town on the island of Bornholm. Rønne has a really beautiful inner town with old houses, cobble streets and an authentic atmosphere. In Rønne there is many options for accommodation such as bed and breakfast, camping and hotels. You will also find a lot of good cafes and restaurants here.

Top attractions on Bornholm

Here is a list representing top attractions on the island of Bornholm.

Almindingen: A hilly forest located on the central part of the island. From Rytterknægten (the highest peak on Bornholm) you have a stunning view over the island. In Almindingen I can recommend visiting Ekkodalen, which is a geological interesting place.

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Hammershus: A old ruin located on a rocky shore in the northwestern part of Bornholm from where you have a beautiful view over the Baltic Sea. The nature around Hammershus is really worth a visit. It is very rough and is one of the most beautiful places in Denmark. Near Hammershus you find the Opal Lake. This lake is a stunning area formed by carving of the granite. In this area I can recommend a hiking trip.

Christiansø: Rocky islands northeast of Bornholm. It reachable from by ferry from Gudhjem.

The rocky northern shoreline:
The northern shore of Bornholm is famous for its rocks and in between these cliff several towns are beautifully situated. These small towns which include Allinge-sandvig, Gudhjem and Svaneke are perfect places for your next holiday destinations. These towns offer accommodation, restaurants, bars and small shops selling local art and craft.

The sandy southern shoreline:
In the south you will find the most breathtaking wide and sandy beaches. A lot of summerhouses are located here and the area is very popular especially during the summertime. The area is concentrated around Dueodde. Several times these white sandy beaches have been awarded as the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

Pictures of Bornholm

Beautiful old houses in the center of Ronne
Old houses in Rønne which is the biggest town on Bornholm. Image credit: Frank M. Rafik
Hammershus is one of the biggest tourist attraction on Bornholm
Hammershus is Scandinavia’s largest medieval fortification Image credit: Frank M. Rafik
Bornholm offers stunning landscapes and nature
Bornholm coast at sunset. Image credit: Joe Dyndale
The island of Bornholm is famous for its cliffs and rocky shore lines
The island of Bornholm offers many rocky and brutal shorelines. Image credit: Joe Dyndale
Ekkodalen is a valley system located in the central part of Bornholm
Ekkodalen (Echo Valley) on Bornholm is Denmark’s longest valley system. Image credit: Frank M. Rafik
Bornholm is situated in the middle of the Baltic sea between Denmark and the Baltic countries
Bornholm’s picturesque coastline. Image credit: Eleleleven
Osterlars church is the most famous round church on Bornholm
Østerlars Church is the largest and possibly the oldest of the island’s four round churches. Image credit: Mathias Svane Kraft
Bornholm has one of the best sandy beaches in Northern Europe
White sandy beach on Bornholm at the southern tip near Dueodde. Image credit: johan lind
Opal lake is a popular hiking and recreation area
At the bottom of the granite quarry you will find the Opal Lake. Image credit: Chris Alban Hansen

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