Oia, Santorini Island. Image credit: DarkB4Dawn

Most beautiful island in Greece

Oia is a small town on Santorini Island (Thira) in the Cyclades, Greece and is the most famous of all villages on Santorini and might be considered as the most beautiful island in Greece. In total, Greece consists of more than 6,000 islands. The village of Oia is situated on top of an impressive cliff and offers a spectacular view over the sea and the surrounding volcanic islands. Santorini is part of a huge volcanic system. Santorini is situated in the southern part of the Greek Islands. The summers here are warm and sunny whereas the winters are chilly and windy. The town is very quiet during winter.

Oia is a traditional fisher village with charming white houses in narrow streets, blue domed churches, wind mills and sun-bathed verandas which are carved into the cliffs. It offers plenty of tourist shops, taverns, cafes, and other shops. Oia town is a picturesque town beloved by artists and the tourists alike and based on the pictures below you can easily see why. You will find plenty of accommodation. Many cruise ships have stops on Santorini. Please remember that the price level is a bit higher in Oia relatively to the rest of the island. This includes both the prices in the shops and restaurants as well as the accommodation.

Santorini is a relatively small island and to get around I will recommend to rent a mini ATV. It a indeed a fun and easy way to get around and to discover the island.

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Pictures of Santorini Greece

Oia Santorini

Oia Santorini Island

Oia is the most famous town on Santorini Oia is the most famous town on Santorini.

Winter Santorini Greece

Greece Santorini Island

Blue churches Oia Santorini

Houses Santorini Island

Santorini Oia Greece

Oia Santorini Blue Hour

Video Santorini – the most beautiful island in Greece

Where is Santorini

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