San Sebastian is located in the northern part of Spain close to France. Image credit: Eric Titcombe

San Sebastián: The Foodie Capital of Europe

San Bastián or Donostia (local Basque name) is a coastal city located in the northern part of Spain on the coast of the Bay of Biscay. San Sebastián is famous for beautiful long white sandy beaches and green mountains. In fact, San Sebastian has some of the most stunning beaches in Europe. The Bay of La Concha is one of the most popular attractions.

“To clarify, San Sebastian has amazing cultural, natural and gastronomic experiences to offer” 

Back in 2016, the city was the cultural capital of Europe. As a visitor you can discover real Northern Spanish atmosphere and culture in absolutely top class.

Most importantly, San Sebastián is centre for world class gastronomy. Northern Spain is famous for “pintxos” which equals the traditional Spanish tapas. Overall, San Sebastian offers excellent food for all budgets. In addition, San Sebastián is considered to be one of the best gastronomic destinations in the world.

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“San Sebastián is the foodie capital of Europe with most Michelin restaurants and stars per square meter. Next after Kyoto in Japan, San Sebastián is actually the foodie capital of the world”

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Pictures of San Sebastián

San Sebastian is one of the world's greatest food meccas.
San Sebastian is one of the world’s greatest food meccas. Image credit: Mari (Maria Giovanna Colli)
San Sebastian is the foodie capital of Europe.
San Sebastian is the foodie capital of Europe. Image credit:

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