White Cliffs of Dover. Dover, England, United Kingdom. Image credit: Ken Yonekura

The White Cliffs of Dover: Spectacular natural features

The White Cliffs of Dover is a system of cliffs which form part of the English coastline facing the Strait of Dover and France.

There is no doubt that the White Cliffs of Dover is one of England’s most spectacular natural features. They are an official Icon of Britain and have been a sign of hope and freedom for centuries.

The White Cliffs of Dover reaches up to 300 feet in height and stretch for 10 miles to the east and west of the town of Dover. The cliff face continues to eroded at an average rate of 1 centimeters (0.39 in) per year, although occasionally large pieces will fall.

The cliffs have great symbolic value in Britain because they face towards Continental Europe across the narrowest part of the English Channel, where invasions historically have threatened and against which the cliffs form a symbolic guard. Because crossing at Dover was the primary route to the continent before the advent of air travel, the white line of cliffs also formed the first or last sight of England for travellers.

The location is used in the famous American science documentary television series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey from 2014 in one of the last episodes.

Another spectacular cliff system in southern England is the Seven Sisters near Sussex which also is a part of the major chalk landscape in South England.

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Dover, England, United Kingdom
Dover, England, United Kingdom Image credit: loki1973
White Cliffs of Dover, UK
White Cliffs of Dover, UK Image credit: Kevin Oliver
The white cliffs of Dover England
The famous white cliffs of Dover, England, seen from the deck of the ferry to France. Image credit: Makiko Itoh
White Cliffs of Dover, England
White Cliffs of Dover, England Image credit: Al S

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