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Fenghuang ancient town: Most beautiful city in China

Fenghuang ancient town is located in Hunan Province in China. FengHuang (English: Phoenix) is known for its well-preserved old town wreathed in many legends and dominated by wooden stilt houses which is unique, elegant, close to rivers and mountains. The stilt houses are decorated by red lanterns.

Major tourist attraction in China

It is indeed a magical place and Fenghuang is considered to be the most beautiful town in China. The ancient town of Fenghuang is a UNESCO World Heritage.

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Fenghuang Ancient Town Photos

Old Town Fenghuang
. Image credit: Trey Ratcliff
Hunan China
. Image credit: Xianyi Shen
Fenghuang City
. Image credit: Jonathan
Feng Huang Cheng
. Image credit: Thomas Fischler
Hunan Fenghuang China
. Image credit: Jonathan
China Fenghuang
. Image credit: Peng Jun Jason
Fenghuang Cheng China
. Image credit: Peng Jun Jason
Fenghuang Town
. Image credit: Thomas Fischler
Fenghuang Ancient Town
. Image credit: Trey Ratcliff

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