Indian Summer in Middle USA. Image credit: Thomas Hawk

Indian Summer: North American Weather phenomenon

What is an Indian Summer

Indian Summer is the term for an autumn weather phenomenon which occurs during a relatively warm period short after a colder period with frost at night. Due to the low temperatures the leaves changes colors from green to yellow, brownish and reddish. The vegetation in a larger areas will be tone in beautiful fall colors. This phenomenon mainly occurs in the huge forests in North America but might also occur in minor scale in Northern Europe.

Furthermore, Indian Summer is characterized by low sun, almost no wind and hazy conditions in the air.
When the weather conditions change, leaves will fall off the trees which marks the end of the period. This phenomenon may take place over several weeks.

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Indian Summer Pictures

Red Fall autumn
. Image credit: EJP Photo


Indian Summer USA
. Image credit: EJP Photo


Weather Indian Summer
. Image credit: Stephane Venne


Autumn Falls
. Image credit: EJP Photo


Autumn Colors
. Image credit: paul bica


Beautiful Fall Colors
. Image credit: Prashant Bhardwaj


Yellow Fall
. Image credit: zen Sutherland


Fall Autumn Colors
. Image credit: Kartik Ramanathan


Autumn Colour Video

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