Violet Colored Lavender Fields in Provence. Image credit: Rowena R.

Where to see lavender fields in france

Lavender Fields France Season

The violet colored lavender fields in France are a big attraction mainly in the region of Provence in southern France. Lavender blooms from mid June to mid August, depending on the area and the seasonal weather. Lavender is harvested from July to September. Lavender season in Provence is Late June through July.

Lavender Fields Provence France

The color, texture and the scent of a lavender field is for many the symbol of Provence. You can plan a lavender tour and enjoy the lavender fields by car, by bike or on foot. At the same time I would recommend visiting the small towns in Provence which offers authentic atmosphere, cobble-stoned streets and some lovely restaurants.

During July and August it is also possible to see extraordinary sunflower fields side by side with blooming fragrant lavender fields. The best time of the day to visit the lavender fields is early morning due the light, and another reason is that there are fewer tourists during the morning. During peak season it might be a bit crowded at the best spots.

Where are the lavender Fields in Provence

Some of the most famous places for exploring lavender fields in France are near the towns of Sault, Mont Ventoux, Senanque Abbey and Valensole. These idyllic small-towns are easily accessible from the Mediterranean Coast. Besides, from enjoying the spectacular view of the fields you can also visit lavender farms and distilleries, attend lavender festivals at Sault and Valreas, and buy lavender products such as oil, essences, perfumes and soap.

Best Lavender Fields in France

Sault, Mont Ventoux, Senanque Abbey and Valensole

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Pictures of Lavender Fields Provence

Lavender fields Valensole
Valensole in Provence is a classic lavender field area. Image credit: oenvoyage
Provence lavender fields
Pink colored blooming lavender fields, Provence. Image credit: St├ęphane Toumayan
Lavender Provence France
View of Provence landscape in southern France. Image credit: Marcovdz
Blooming Lavender
Closeup picture of lavender fields, France. Image credit: Barbara Piancastelli
Provence fields France
Blooming lavender fields dominate the french landscape during the summer. Image credit: Vincent Brassinne
Senanque Abbey France
Senanque Abbey in France is another famous lavender destination. Image credit: Andrew Lawson
Lavender lines Provence
Typical lavender lines in the hills of High Provence, France. Image credit: Vincent Brassinne

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