Swallow's Nest castle in Ukraine. Image credit: Andrew Kudrin

Swallow’s Nest Castle Ukraine on Crimean Peninsula

The Swallow’s Nest Castle is situated high on a cliff above the beautiful Black Sea. The cliff is called Aurora Cliff and is 40 metres tall. Most importantly, this castle has become an icon for and a symbol of Crimea. Further, Swallow’s Nest Castle  is one of the most popular visitor attractions in Crimea. Overall, this small castle is absolutely spectacular and very picturesque. It was built between 1911 and 1912 as a castle of a noble Russian. In 1927 an earthquake happened and consequently parts of the cliff has fallen. However, the castle survived.

The Swallow’s Nest Castle is a famous landmark of the peninsula of Crimea

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Swallow Nest Pictures

Swallow's Nest castle Ukraine
Swallow’s Nest castle overlooks the Black Sea coast. Image credit: thisisbossi
Crimea Swallow's Nest
Swallow’s Nest is the symbol of Crimea in Ukraine. Image credit: Kirill Simonov
Castle Swallow's Nest
The Swallow’s Nest is located between Yalta and Alupka in southern Ukraine. Image credit: Marco Markovich
Swallow's Nest Castle Crimean Peninsula
Swallow’s Nest Castle is located on a steep cliff in Crimean Peninsula. Image credit: Fr Maxim Massalitin
View Swallow's Nest
The decorative castle of Swallow’s Nest offers a magnificent view over the Black Sea. Image credit: marek.krzystkiewicz

Swallow's Nest cliff

Visit Swallow's Nest
Swallow’s Nest castle is an icon for Crimea and is a popular tourist attraction. Image credit: Fr Maxim Massalitin

Swallows Nest Sea Castle Crimea

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